Country Music

Country music is another genre of music originated as American music in the year of 1920s. Country music has rooted its way from American folk and western music using only simple instruments that range from electric and steel guitars to mandolin and drums, or even a mouth organ. Johnny Cash, Taylor Swift, Kenny Rogers, and Shania Twain are considered popular country music singers. This popular genre of a music originally


Jazz is not just a jazz, and it is music. Jazz began in the year 1895 when Buddy Bolden formed a band. Others claimed that jazz started in 1917 when Nick LaRocca, together with his Original Dixieland, recorded the very first jazz record entitled “Livery Stable Blues.” The word Jazz originated from one of the most sought-after words that have originated in modern American English. Through the year of 1912,

Rock Music

It is not surprising that there are an increasing number of rock musicians and bands because the loudness of it makes it more pleasing to be heard. The term, ‘rock & roll,’ first originated in the United States that left a remarkable term to the masses. It showcased different ways and talents of creating this unique rock music. Ever since the ‘rock’ music genre had been originated in the 1950s,

Pop Music

Pop music has conquered most of the world. A lot of musicians and singers were in pop music, most especially for the younger generations. Because for them, pop music lets them make free music and express what they want to express to the world. It is a fun genre which most of the people are interested in. As the years passed by, a lot of new musicians and singers continue